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… this is it – made of plastic!

With precision and passion for quality

At GEPE-Geimuplast GmbH, we can show up with more than 65 years of experience in injection molding – with quality in the focus of our activities. In this connection, we purposefully apply all our years of experience when dealing with special plastics. We gain new knowledge out of new challenges. We can transfer this new knowledge to our existing products and continuously increase the level of quality. The experience generated out of handling various plastic combinations and their type-specific processing modes open up new ways and opportunities to provide a high degree of precision to our customers. Besides achieving this level of service in small series, we also offer our customers this „know-how“ when producing several millions of items.

A stable quality can only be granted on a good foundation. Since the injection molding tool is the cornerstone of each end product, we build and maintain our tools and our clients‘ tools in-house. Outstanding experience is the decisive factor in ensuring large volumes and quality even in case of complex plastics and composites. We pass on this knowledge to our trainees to provide our partners with a guarantee for long-term success.

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