Gepe Group

We are a family owned internationally active company group with diversified businesses. Our activities are in the areas of Personal Hygiene, Medical Device, Plastic Components, Photographic Accessories and Animal Identification.

basic figures 2019

Net revenue:30.5 mio CHF
Employees:183 persons
Equity:19.5 mio CHF
Equity ratio:67%

Our company group ( includes 7 operative companies in 4 countries. From the time of our founding in 1955 when the group was established to produce photographic accessories we are today a highly diversified group of companies which are active in a wide spectrum of different businesses. Our products range from automotive components to hand disinfectant to ear tags for cattle. The business where the Gepe Group started, photographic accessories, is still a part of our activities but only accounts for a marginal part of our revenues. Our 5 business areas are independent from each other, but in some cases operate in a supplier/customer relation which keeps the whole value chain of a product within the group. We focus on each individual business area and they all stand on their own feet in terms of entrepreneurial leadership responsibility, profit responsibility and financing.

We are an engaged owner and apply our experience, knowledge and network to develop and support our companies. We develop our businesses with a long-term perspective and thanks to the broad diversification of businesses across various industrial sectors, the GEPE group has an optimized risk structure. We are convinced that our approach is in the best interest of our customers, employees and owners.



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